Design Implementations

Many of my clients are guided by my ideas for changes, not just to the living items, but also to designs which flow into structural changes such as colors, ornamentation, etc.  I am a proponent of public art and some of my more adventurous clients have incorporated murals or sculptures onto their sites.  I applaud this and wish to encourage more people to enrich their space with art

Selected Residential Projects

PAST- Site conditions- dead tree, overgrown, poorly maintained, end-of-life shrubs.  Architectural issues- faded, unattractive paint color, superfluous ornamentation.  

PRESENT- refreshed plant palette, excessive house ornamentation removed, new house paint color.

PAST- severely overgrown shrubs, some invasive species, very dark house colors, design does not reflect mid-century modern architectural style of home.

PRESENT- geometric, minimal, modern plant selections and placement to accentuate home style, bold, bright new colors for house.

PAST- bleak site with turf impossible to grow, shaded and limited budget client

PRESENT- designed new deck, added native plants and utilized non-invasive existing plants.

PAST- very heavily overgrown trees/shrubs and dark, somber house colors.

PRESENT- refreshed with native plants and bright, cheerful house colors.

PAST- conventional installation with limited elements.  Client desired more depth and preferred a more structured arrangement.

PRESENT- added native plants and others to give more dimension and variety.

PAST- new construction near salt water bay.  Client requested no turf be used and preferred native plants for beauty, reduced maintenance and pollinator benefits.

PRESENT- full native plant installation with a combination of structured and informal design elements.

Selected Commercial/

Institutional Projects

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